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December 17 2017

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December 03 2017

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November 05 2017

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April 28 2014

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Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel von Delphi - Der Anfang ist nah
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March 23 2014


You can find out who posted an image on soup if you only have the URL of the image itself

Everytime someone posts an image on soup on twitter, you instantly go "Awwww, I wish I'd know who posted that!"
And rightly so. Well, now you can find out! Just replace the asset-N part in the URL with whatthepost, so for example if you have an URL like http://asset-4.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png just replace the part before .soup.io with whatthepost like so: http://whatthepost.soup.io/asset/2835/0348_44d6_390.png - and you will be promptly redirected to the original post. But only if the original soup is in privacy mode public, otherwise you'll get an error.
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March 22 2014

units (arbitrary)

So, I should be alarmed that there's an arbitrary amount of stuff being released from Fukushima?

October 21 2011

No, it's the Tevatron control room. At Fermilab, Illinois.

January 06 2011

The piezo buzzers normally come with a small label stuck on the top to cover the opening. The engrish remark is a reminder to the assembly people.

December 24 2010

2^31=2147483648... someone's doing strange 32-bit math here?

July 10 2010

Just playing around, maybe soup is useful for me?
— Chris
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